"Where there is no insight the people perish"

Post Traumatic Stress and Addiction 

"Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is an anxiety disorder which occurs after a negative trauma or event. Living with PTSD can be difficult and painful sometimes leading to addiction by self-medicating."

I took the following quote off a recovery related site. In general, the recovery movement does not link addiction to post traumatic stress disorder. Since they lack understanding, they prefer to call addiction a "disease". Of course, it is not.

In order to fix your car, you need an understanding of what is wrong. Likewise, to overcome addiction you need to understand what is wrong. In my book "Up From Down" I have shown the post traumatic roots of my addiction which were basically child abuse. Post traumatic stress can take many forms including incest. The resentment from this traumatic events can last decades, and is frequently covered up by drugs. When we learn to forgive, then we go free.

I can do no better than to point the reader to this site which deals with military ptsd but the method will work for civilians also.