"Where there is no insight the people perish"

                    Letter from Dr. Malachi Martin


"It is the devil who says there is no devil"—Anonymous




For those who have read my book there is a letter at the end by the late Catholic Exorcist Dr. Malachi Martin. Dr. Martin was a Catholic Priest and not an ordinary one. He held three Doctorates and spoke at least ten languages. He was a Jesuit Priest and an advisor to three Popes. By any standard, not an ordinary man. I never met Malachi in person but I did correspond with him, and he called me once but I was not in. Catholics especially may give credence to what he says in the letter. You can read more about him by going to the Wikipedia site. Although I am not a Catholic, I had great respect for Dr. Martin. His letter is reproduced in the appendix of my book, and a copy is below:



My own personal experience with possession and my subsequent liberation can be read about in my book. You can find it on Amazon  or also on  Amazon.co.uk  as well as read a preview. You can find it in Australia at Border's Australia  


You can also listen to the famous Art Bell interview with Dr. Martin. In it he discusses drug addiction and possession. I will review the tape and post where that section is. In the meantime here is the entire interview. It is worth listening to. Don't let the fact that Art Bell is the interviewer dissuade you.  




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