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New Book Review at Good Reads

Posted on January 29, 2012 at 9:50 PM

Cheryl Faith over at Goodreads posted a new book review. Many AA's get upset when I say that a truly recovered drug addict or alcoholic can safely take a drink in moderation. Cheryl however is a bit more open minded. 

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Cheryl Faith rated it

"I am always blessed by reading success stories from alchoholics and addicts. This was an easy read and a pleasure.The author made sure to point out where he and 12 step programs differ. The Big Book of Alchoholics Anonomous comments on those who cah do an about face and drink like a gentleman. OUR HATS ARE OFF TO HIM. This author is one of those we raise our hats to. It is a very brave thing to take that step of faith. I am far too frightened to go back to where I was and I chose total abstinance. For me it is safer."

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