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Horrific Crime, Meth Often Go Together

Posted on January 22, 2012 at 2:40 PM

FRESNO, Calif.—When a 23-year-old Fresno woman fatally shot her two toddlers and a cousin, critically wounded her husband then turned the gun on herself last Sunday, investigators immediately suspected methamphetamine abuse in what otherwise was inexplicable carnage. It turned out the mother had videotaped herself smoking meth hours before the shooting.

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Why do horrific crime and meth go together? I don't really expect an answer from the so-called experts.


One woman shoots her two toddlers. Another women stabbing her son with a screwdriver while claiming to be God. As the article states symptoms which include "hearing voices".


What is going on is a spiritual war, just like the Bible says. We war not with flesh and blood but spiritual wickedness in high places.


Please see the letter by Catholic Exorcist Father Malachai Martin about possession and drug addiction.


Book Review: The Big Book of AA (2nd edition)

Posted on January 21, 2012 at 6:10 PM

This is a book reveiw of the 2nd edition of  "The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous". It is being sold over at Amazon, but you can also find it online for free. 

Yes, I have read the second Edition of the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous.. Also the third edition and the fourth edition which is currently used. I have also read the first edition of Alcoholics Anonymous which most AA's have not.


Where do I start?


First of all, the reason  that this is a second edition is probably because the copyrights were not filed in a timely manner in the United States for the first and second editions.


Most AA's go into AA and now they are presented with the 4th edition and for many that is all they know. I entered AA seriously in 1976 and at that time we used the Third Edition of the Big Book. I didn't think there was much of a difference between the different editions. I never thought about it and nobody ever talked about it. The first 164 pages of the Big Book are the same in all the editions (except the original manuscript which has some minor word changes). What is different is the personal stories at the end.


Early AA had its roots in Christianity and there is no doubt about that. Do a web search for AA and the Oxford Group or AA and the Oxford group connection.


If you read the First Edition of Alcoholics Anonymous you will see unabashedly Christian Testimonies : (Smile with me, at Me).


The first edition of AA is available on line free as is the second edition (why buy this book except for the convenience of having it on kindle?).


As most AA's know, the personal stories are changed every edition. And the change has not always been for the better.


Bill Wilson was the one responsible for chucking the Christian testimonies out of the second edition. As far as I can tell, he did it unilaterally. And in my opinion, Bill Wilson’s entire spirituality is called into question. I do believe his original experience was real and authentic. However somewhere along the way he fell away. Jesus Christ talked about this in the parable of the sower for those interested. At the time of the editing of the Second Edition Bill Wilson was engaged in adulterous relationships. Later on he was also involved in LSD experimentation (you can authenticate that with the AA approved literature, Pass it On). Those facts coupled with his tossing of the Christian testimonies say something. The essence of Christianity is believing in Jesus and his sacrifice for the sins of believers. So editing out the Christian testimonies is no small thing.


And as far as the personal stories, the current fourth edition is a big downgrade. One of the early AA founders, Clarence Snyder, and his story "Home Brewmeister" has been taken out. Clarence was a believer in Jesus Christ. A new story about an unrepentant homosexual has been added "Tightrope". I would suggest that many of the early AA's, including Dr. Bob Smith, are rolling over in their graves at what has happened to Alcoholics Anonymous.


In fact, I would say that each succeeding edition of the Big Book has been a degradation of the message, not an improvement.


And, in my experience, AA is not too Christian friendly anymore. I have actually been told by one central office we don't want any meetings where Christ is mentioned and they  won’t list them. This is the reason for the growth of groups like Celebrate Recovery, Alcoholics Victorious, etc.


There you have it. Sure read the second edition of the Big Book, but don't believe everything you read. Consult with the Holy Scriptures and contrast that with the teaching in the Big Book. There are points where they are not in agreement.


Who am I? A fully recovered alcoholic and drug addict. You can read about my own 35 year experience with AA as well as other forms of treatment in my book "Up From Down"


KIndle Book Review

Posted on January 21, 2012 at 4:10 PM

Java Davis of The Kindle Book Review has posted a very nice 5 star review of my book. Thank you Java!


Definitely not a Movie-of-the-Week story, January 16, 2012

By The Kindle Book Review

This review is from: Up From Down: A true story of recovery from addiction (Kindle Edition)

What I loved most about Ted Adamson's story is that he is honest about how many years it took for him to become a heroin addict and alcohol abuser, and how many years it took to feel genuinely recovered. Eventually, he is also equally honest about taking responsibility for his own destructive and unkind behaviors. The story takes us through a painful childhood, drug experimentation, burglary and purse-snatching, jail, and nascent rehab programs. Ted clearly explains the epiphanies he experienced as he worked through his recovery, and he is not shy about saying that it was his growing grounding in Christianity that ultimately saved him.


I'm not really spoiling the story for you. It is so well written that you would be depriving yourself if you pass on this book. Even though I disagree with many of the author's values, I found the story completely enthralling.


Two things did bother me. The first is that in the first few pages, there is a mention of a younger brother. He seems to drop off the face of the earth after that, no doubt to protect him from association with his wayward brother. The other pinprick is that there is a letter written to Ted on the final page. In my Kindle edition, the letter was so small as to be completely illegible, and changing the angle and bumping up the print size made no difference. I'm sure I missed something valuable.


I received this ebook for free in order to review it for the website www.thekindlebookreview.com. I am in no way affiliated with either the author or any releases of this title.


-- Java Davis (The Kindle Book Review)


Java is right that the letter from Dr. Malachai Martin in the appendix is a little hard to read. However, I was able to play around with the fonts a little and could read it. If you only get the kindle editon and have trouble viewing the letter you can view it on line here:




As far as my brother, he harbored resentment for me for years but ultimately (after I made amends for the stolen silver dollars) was able to find forgiveness for me.


And that is what this life is all about. Forgiveness.

Etta James Passes Away

Posted on January 20, 2012 at 1:05 PM


Etta James passed away this morning.

I knew Etta as Jamesetta Hawkins which was her real name. Our paths crossed in 1973 when we were both committed to the long term drug treatment program at Tarzana, California-----The Family. .

In addition to her singing, Etta was the author of “Rage to Survive" , the Etta James Story. Etta writes about her experience at the Tarzana Family. Etta was my phase leader while I was in Tarzana. She was my "Blue Phase" leader and I was a "Yellow Phaser" in the program. Etta writes about her rehab experience in Chapter 27 and Chapter 28 of her book as I also do in my book, "Up From Down".

She wrote :" Far as my own salvation, I saw myself getting saved by the program. I bought the lingo, the methods, the whole bit. I was on a roll, an emotional roll, with all my energy concentrated on making the other patients own up to cold reality, just like I had been forced to do. When I reached the end of my first year, I was proud. It wasn't always easy surviving the scrutiny. And it wasn't always fun. Bur for the first time in my life I was forced to look inside. I didn't like everything I saw, but at least I had the power to change."

That was 1973. Etta's addiction continued on in one form or another until she was 50 years old: 1988. According to her book, her heroin addiction started in the early sixties and her addiction continued another 38 years. That is a long time to suffer.

The proof is in the pudding and the proof is Tarzana didn't give her what she needed. Maybe things would have been different for Jamesetta if "treatment" had been different. I suspect they would have been but who knows for sure. She also went to the Betty Ford center later in life:

"I also loved the idea of surrendering to a HIgher Power. That went with what I'd learned as a little girl about a loving and forgiving Jesus. ......The steps are about being honest and understanding that any real recovery has to be spiritual".

Closer. I have no argument with real recovery comes from a loving and forgiving Jesus.

Rest in Peace Etta.

The song she will be remembered by:  AT LAST


Certified Drug Counselors

Posted on January 13, 2012 at 10:20 AM

Yesterday I was in front of the local Wal Mart and ran into a certified drug counselor. For those of you who don't know, many drug addicts when they get into recovery go on to become "drug counselors". And there are community colleges which have programs which certify these drug counselors. This particular drug counselor was certified and had served an internship etc. 

And despite his "education" in the area he was unable to stay clean permanently even though he had been counseling others. We had a nice chat. I pointed out to him that despite everything they had taught him, it hadn't done him a lot of good. 

Currently, he is  a resident at a local Christian based drug rehab. I thought that was a good opening for me, so I gave him a copy of my book. I hope he takes it to heart and it does him some good. 

I guess what I am trying to say is that the modern recovery industry in America is made up of the blind leaders of the blind. They are teaching people (falsely) that they have a disease and prescribing therapies that dont really work. At best, people end up with a life long addiction to meetings and don't become free and independent humuan beings. 

New reviews

Posted on December 25, 2011 at 2:45 PM

There are some new reviews of my book out there that I like. Here is one from a satisfied Amazon.com reader, A. Drew from Hamilton, OH rated the book 5 Stars: 

"This is a great story of the effects of addiction first hand. I enjoyed the honesty that was portrayed without holding back. It is difficult in these times to NOT know someone who is struggling with or has struggled with an addiction of some kind, especially those that can affect the circle of a family. Ted Adamson puts it on the table. He explains what form of rehabilitation worked for him and how specific forms don't work for everyone. This is a very inspirational book and assures those that really want a recovering "fix" that it is possible. Mr. Adamson should be proud of himself and the struggles that he overcame to make him the man he is today. It was a journey I enjoyed reading about!"

Do Alcoholics metabolize alcohol differently?

Posted on November 10, 2011 at 5:10 PM

I was forwarded an e-mail from an irate AA member after my interview with Jesse Lee Peterson . I will not post the entire e-mail at this time as I was asked not to respond by the producer. Many people it seems become very irate and threatened when you criticize anything about AA. There are some good things about AA, but there are also quite a number of things that are not so good. Having been involved in varying degrees  for over 35 years, I can tell you AA is not what it once was. Early AA was, in my opinion, pretty good, although I do not agree entirely with all its ideas (where they conflict with my understanding of Christianity). There is one part of the e-mail I do want to respond to. It is quoted below:

"The reason he (Ted Adamson) has problems with AA is because he is actively in his disease (alcoholics metabolize alcohol differently than normal people, that is why we cannot take any alcohol ever."

1) First of all, I am not "actively" in my disease. Nobody is because drinking is not a disease. On rare occasions, I might have a small drink and it is always in moderation. For example, I drank a small glass of champagne at a friend's wedding six years ago. I have been known to have an ounce or two of red wine before bedtime for its beneficial health benefits, but always in moderation. There have been times when I have gone as long as 10 years without a drink at all. In short, I do not subscribe to the AA doctrine that "we are like men who have lost their legs, we never grow new ones". I do not believe the "real alcholic" as described by AA texts and literature even exists. All of this is discussed in my book and I hope the reader will take the time to read it. And I fully realize that many people who have been indoctrinated by AA will say I was not an "alcoholic". They are entitled to their opinion but that does not make them right. In my opinion, in general, AA members do not understand alcoholism. And that opinion was crafted after 35 years involvement with AA.

2) Secondly, the idea that "Alcholics" metabolize alcohol differently that other people is an urban legend. I challenge anybody to post definitive proof of this. Herbert Fingarette, a distinguished professor at the University of California and the author of "Heavy Drinking: the myth of Alcoholism as a disease" reviews the theories that some peoples bodies respond to alcohol in an abnormal way that "causes" them to become alcoholics. The current scientific evidence does not support these "metabolic hypotheses". See page 55 of his book for more details. It is worth reading . 


Posted on November 1, 2011 at 11:30 PM

I am told by those who are supposed to know about these things that I need an author blog. Well, here it is. 

First of all, I would like to thank the people over at Spirit Daily for linking to my website with a press release. It is appreciated. More posts to follow as it comes to me.